The Strong Woman Takashima Oiko

YOSHITOSHI TSUKIOKA: The Strong Woman Takashima Oiko

This little folktale makes a pleasant change from all the bluster, blood and tragedy of the historical and kabuki prints. Takashima is an attractive, hardworking, dutiful peasant girl who, as a result of her chores, is also extremely strong. One day, Saeki Urinaga, a wrestler, sees Oiko as she is fetching water, and figures he's gonna get him some of that. So he makes a grab.

Much to his very evident dismay, Oiko grabs his arm and pins it. Try as he might, he cannot get free. In the meantime, Oiko hikes her bucket to her head, and heads for home, Urinaga attached. As to whether or not they live happily ever after, I leave that to the reader to decide....

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