Ome Shushiki

YOSHITOSHI TSUKIOKA: A Mirror of Filial Piety in Japan: Ome Shushiki -- 1881

Ome Shushiki (1668-1725) was a student of Kikaku, a disciple of Basho, who made her name as a haiku poet at age thirteen, when she wrote a poem about the cherry blossoms at a temple and fastened it to the branch of a tree. Apparently, the abbot read the poem and was impressed enough to provide her with a litter in which to ride home. The story began its life when word got around that she allowed her father to use the litter while she walked. Eventually, the tale became that her father was an aged litter bearer with whom his daughter lived her life, taking the best care of him and studying poetry as she could make time. It is that version that is illustrated here.

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